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Discounted Medical Processing Rates – As a medical provider, there are certain processes available to your practice that allow you to receive a lower processing cost.  As a leader in providing electronic payment expertise and service to the medical community, with a specialty in working with dental and orthodontic practices, we can help your practice achieve these lower costs.  We work with medical practices to provide a wide array of payment options to their patients including traditional Credit and Debit Cards, Medical Savings Cards (HSA, FSA, etc.), Electric Checks and Check 21 and more.  We also provide consulting on payment terminals, stand alone or integrated Practice Management Software and recurring payments systems.ems.

B2B Level 2/3 Rates Savings – Insurance companies are now trending towards practice payments via Virtual credit cards.  Those cards can also have a special discounted processing rate if the Level 2 / 3 data, such as quaintly, item code, tax amount and other information are provided in the transaction request. Our unique program automates this process of providing the enhanced sales data for Level 2/3 transactions during the authorization process that is reported back to the card holder on the statement. You enjoy the savings while we do the work.

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