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Payment Technology – Tomorrows Tech Today

Smart / Mobile Terminals – Smart Terminals are replacing the existing credit cards terminals and are providing huge advantages. Accept traditional credit cards, NFC, Mobile Wallets as well as gift cards, while also having the ability to collect consumer marketing info such as a phone or email, run analytic reports and more. Smart terminals also work as wired, Wi-Fi or as Mobile devices.

POS – All the advantages of a smart terminal as well as the ability to ring up stored items, manage inventory, run marketing programs, and much more.

Software – Integrate Directly into your business practice software.  Provides your business the ability to run recurring and/or automated transactions with securely stored customer data via tokens that remove you from liability and provide enhanced security for your customer.  Automatically update expiring or cancelled cards, and manage marketing campaigns.  Software can run from a desk top or mobile devices and provide back data to practice or accounting software.

Digital Wallets – We can assist our clients in the acceptance of new forms of payments via Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Contactless Cards, and others.

Cutting Edge – Need the latest and greatest in payment processing? We also offer the most up to date technology and processes including.

Web Portal Payments – Provide Clients the ability to log on to your website and make a direct payment of their bill with account and invoice information.

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